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We’ve got lots of videos

Take a Peek Inside Camp Sandy Cove!

Horsemanship School

Love horses? This camp is for YOU

We Offer 30 Different Activities!

The best part is you get to choose which ones you will do!

Wacky Wednesday and Wednesday Specials


Circus School

Come join the circus! Juggling, clowning, single and double trapeze, the Spanish Web and more!

Adventure Trip

Go on an adventure!

Mother & Daughter Camp

Come join us as we laugh, sing, play, talk, pray, and grow close together this weekend!


Leaders in Training

The Difference Is You

Scholarships up to 50% offered


Counselors in Training

Meet The Director

Meet Chief Tim Nielsen,
Director of Camp Sandy Cove!

Take A Tour

Explore Camp's 187 acres!

What parents Say...

Parents share how much they love Camp Sandy Cove!