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Wacky Wednesdays & The Wednesday Specials

Wednesdays are totally different!


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Wacky Wednesdays for 7-9 Year Olds

Wednesdays are totally wacky! Brave and Papoose campers will experience an exciting in-camp program that is totally wacky! With special activities, crazy pool parties and outrageously fun programs, your kids will be talking about “Wacky Wednesday” for a long time.


The Wednesday Specials for 10-15 Year Olds

Wednesdays are Spectacularly Special! Scouts, Maidens, Warriors and Squaws are you ready for something different? After a late breakfast (that’s right, you get to sleep in a little on Wednesday) and chapel you will be involved in an all-camp game until lunch. After lunch you will be able to choose a couple of the following special activities.


We will supply the equipment for you to catch fish in our lake.

Rocket Building

Build and launch air rockets. Will your rocket go the farthest?

Horseback Riding

Go on a trail ride around the Camp Sandy Cove property.

Zip Line

Zip across our lake on our zip line!

Big Swing

When we say “big swing”, we mean big! It’s super-fun!


Pool Games

Grab some time in the pool to cool off and enjoy some aquatic fun and games!

Zoom Floom

Zoom down our 90 foot inflatable water slide. How fast can you go?

Group Games

Do you think you have played every camp game? Well get ready for some new ones!


Enjoy some time in a canoe on the camp lake!

Outdoor Rock Climbing*

Scale 30-50 foot cliff faces (this trip takes place out of camp all afternoon)



*Available only for Warriors and Squaws (12-15 year old campers)

Please note: Campers participating in the Horseback Riding Special need hard-soled shoes or boots with a heel and long pants.

Wednesday Specials choices will be made at camp. We cannot guarantee that each camper will be able to participate in every activity. Not all activities are available for all ages. All activities take place on the camp property except rock climbing.

What the kids are saying...

So Much

Brielle, Purcellville, VA

Be Yourself

“Camp Sandy Cove is a safe place where you can be yourself!” 
Kathryn, Fairfax, VA

Not Kidding!

“The best camp of the world - not even kidding!!!” 
Sarina, Germany