They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a virtual tour of Camp Sandy Cove...then come see it for yourself!


    Camp Sandy Cove accommodates as many as 220 campers each week.

    The camper cabins sleep 10-12 individuals and are equipped with overhead lighting, ceiling fans and bathrooms.

    This 187 acre property contains:

    25 Cabins • Dining Room • Infirmary • Sand Volleyball • Giant Swing • Lake and a Pond • Soccer Field • Skate Park – including a Half Pipe • Baseball Diamond • Indoor Gymnasium • Indoor Activity Areas • Archery and Air Riflery Ranges • Swimming Pool • 3 Tennis Courts and 2 Inflatable Courts • Basketball Courts • Horseback Riding Arenas and Stables • High Trapeze • Craft Shop • Pottery Shop • Photography and Video Rooms • Zip Line

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    Camp Sandy Cove is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian camp for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 15 - dedicated to sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and to helping young people develop a relationship with their Creator. We'd love to keep you informed throughout the year!

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