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    We know you don't believe it just because "Everybody else's parents say..." but it's still nice to know, isn't it?


    Eduardo – El Salvador, Central America

    "We were happy with Camp Sandy Cove and the experience of our kids’ first time out of the house alone, two weeks!"

    "We have been blessed by having this opportunity to send our daughter to her first overnight summer camp. We as a family were a little concerned because our daughter was never sent away or slept outside of our house. BUT, a week later we saw how God teaches us to feel more confident and to trust! He touched our daughter’s heart by participating in all kinds of activities at camp. These activities were connected with spiritual growth by memorizing verses of the Bible, by listening to guests who share unique experiences and by being exposed to a multicultural group. We loved it. Thank you Camp Sandy Cove for this opportunity!"
    Tatiana – Germantown, MD

    "I was quite hesitant leaving my child for the first time for an entire week at a camp that was far (enough) away from home. He was not nervous one bit though! My son loved it so much that he called while he was there and asked to stay a second week, which I easily said yes to once I heard the excitement in his voice! The entire staff were accommodating and so easy to talk with. He came back with so much more confidence and a true sense of the meaning of “friendship”. His brothers are now excited and I think this has started a new Summer tradition of two weeks at camp for everyone! I could go on, but I/we love Camp Sandy Cove and it is so nice knowing a safe, fun, engaging place exists where my children will learn skills and concepts while having fun. Spiritual, social and emotional growth was a treat to see."
    Shannon – Hagerstown, MD

     "This Camp has been a wonderful experience for both my son and daughter. Every year they come home they talk for days about all the different activities and amazing things they have done. I couldn’t have chosen a better camp."

    Brandi – Audubon, PA

     "It was so cool to have my son going to Camp Sandy Cove (where I went when I was his age). It was his first time away from home for seven days, and although we were both a bit nervous about that, he had a great experience and was as comforted by the notes from home by camp email as I was seeing him each day in the photo gallery on the website. He has become more confident and independent, and I am learning to trust him into God’s hands. We are both looking forward to another Camp Sandy Cove experience next summer!"

    Lori – Middletown, DE

     "I love that I can send my son to camp and not worry about his safety, or if he is having a good time. The staff at CSC are top notch! I love his enthusiasm for living out the spiritual lessons he learned at camp when he returns home."

    Kristina – Oxford, PA

     "For a second straight year, our daughters thoroughly enjoyed the Camp Sandy Cove experience, from the staff to the food, to the endless succession of activities. Well, well done."

    Nancy – Sterling, VA

     "Camp Sandy Cove was the first overnight camp experience (without family) that my children participated in. They had a wonderful week and couldn’t stop talking about all the things they’d learned and done. The staff calmed my fears about leaving my sons and reassured me that everything would be fine. I would definitely recommend Camp Sandy Cove!"

    Shana – Washington, DC

     "My daughters have gone to cheerleading camp for several years, which they both love. They didn’t think this camp would be able to live up to it. But when they returned, my 12-year-old said she loved it even more than cheer camp. My 13-year-old said her favorite time was Bible Study in the cabin, and she said that the week made her feel closer to God. Thank you for a great experience!"

    Jennifer – Ashburn, VA

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