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    Over the past 67 years we have developed a reputation for offering “Christian Camping at its best”! We truly believe that an individual’s life can be changed for eternity through accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. It is our goal to bring our campers face-to-face with the reality of Salvation in Jesus Christ!

    Would you like to join us this summer as we reach out to almost 1200 children? Please consider becoming a staff member at Camp Sandy Cove. It is an experience you will never forget! Each summer Camp Sandy Cove employs 80 staff members to serve the 200 children who attend each week.


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    Each summer, Camp Sandy Cove employs ten male counselors and ten female counselors to work with our campers. These staff members must be at least 18 years old. Staff members work with the Brave/Papoose Unit (7-9 year olds), Scout/Maiden Unit (10-11 year olds) and the Warrior/Squaw Unit (12-15 year olds). The role of a counselor at Camp Sandy Cove is a very important one. The counselor is the friend, teacher, disciplinarian and example for their campers. When the camper goes home, they will think of their counselor every time they think about Camp Sandy Cove. We are looking for counselors who have a strong commitment to Christ and love children. Do you fit this description? Apply to be a Camp Sandy Cove counselor today! Spaces are limited, so don’t wait. See full counselor job description.


    We are looking for staff with the ability to teach activities like Horseback Riding, Swimming, Tennis, Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Living, Archery, Air Riflery, Crafts, Photography and Video, and much more. If your skills are in the area of teaching and you are at least 18 years old, then this job is for you.


    The role of the Head Cook is to plan menus, order food, organize the kitchen and prepare the majority of the meals. Experience in food service is essential.


    Assistant Cooks are responsible for assisting the Head Cook in the preparation of meals, overseeing the clean-up done by our Counselor-In-Training crew, and the general order of the kitchen. Some experience is valuable, but plenty of on-the-job training will be provided.


    Several positions are available within the role of Leadership at Camp Sandy Cove. Leadership Staff members must be at least 21 years old and have experience as a leader within a camp or similar setting. The various roles include: UNIT DIRECTORS, ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR, TRIPPING DIRECTOR, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, and LEADERSHIP TRAINING DIRECTORS.


    The job of a camp nurse looks great on a nursing resume. Where else do you get to work with so many children in such a short time? Each summer Camp Sandy Cove hires several nurses who are qualified as RNs. The responsibilities include: the general health of the campers and staff, dealing with emergencies, record keeping, administration of medication, and much more. We have a great relationship with several local doctors and hospitals, so there is a vast network of assistance available.


    This is a diverse job which allows for some great behind the scenes work running the camp store and handling campers' accounts, as well as the operation of our camp office.


    Each week of the summer we produce a video at camp which will be sold to our campers. This is a music-video format scrapbook. Would you like to be our Videographer? Experience with filming and digital editing is required. This position is available to anyone over 18 years old.

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    Camp Sandy Cove is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian camp for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 15 - dedicated to sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and to helping young people develop a relationship with their Creator. We'd love to keep you informed throughout the year!

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