Questions & Answers

    Dear friends, campers and supporters of Camp Sandy Cove,

    We have been overwhelmed by your outpouring of support and emotion these past several days.

    Your incredible loyalty to the camp and gratefulness for how God has worked, is evident in your emails and Facebook posts. You bless us and the history of the camp with your thoughts, and expressions of sadness and thanks.

    Below is an FAQ sheet to address some of the questions you have been asking. However, we did want to clarify a few things in addition:

    • Tim and Adina continue to be employed and will be as we close up operations. They are committed to finishing well and are wonderful examples of 2 Timothy 4:7 “finishing the race, and having kept their faith.” Their graciousness is particularly seen in their commitment to continue to minister to the broader Camp Sandy Cove community.
    • It is evident that we need to come together at some point in the future to celebrate and thank the Lord for the many years of strong ministry. Further information to follow.
    • As the FAQs detail, the reasons for closing are entirely financial and missional. We can assure you, that as sad as this decision is, there are no other issues of a legal or civil matter about to surface

    While none of us expected that we would walk this journey, we are grateful for the continued presence of God in this difficult time. Your prayers for everyone impacted are appreciated.


    Your Questions:

    Is this permanent?

    The decision is to sell our overnight camp property in West Virginia, and we do not have a plan in place to relocate the program elsewhere. As a ministry committed to families, youth programming will continue to be an aspect of our Maryland campus.

    Is Sandy Cove finished with overnight youth camp ministries?

    While we do not currently have a plan in place for overnight youth camping ministry, we know it to be an effective means of ministry, and are reluctant to rule it out forever.

    How did we get here?

    The Sandy Cove Ministries Board of Directors and Leadership Team recognize that this situation was due in part to the difficulties of managing two large and aging properties located far from one another. It is the commitment of the Board and Leadership to create a future for Sandy Cove Ministries that is sustainable.

    The seasonality of only being open for 6 months a year in WV, coupled with static camper counts, created a situation where our operational costs and capital improvements were unattainable. As we projected the next few years, there were no signs of improvement.

    Why is this the first we are hearing of this? Was a Go Fund Me or a capital campaign explored?

    While we have been evaluating options for Camp for many months, it only recently became clear just how significant an investment is needed to restore the facilities and infrastructure of our two properties. We do not feel our donor trends for both Sandy Cove (MD) and Camp Sandy Cove (WV) are sufficient to support this investment. It would simply prolong all of our misery to begin a campaign, only to say “Sorry, it’s not enough” all while keeping staff and campers unfairly in limbo.

    Have you truly exhausted every option?

    While it is easy to second guess this decision, as the board evaluated many different options they were careful to resist any options that would dig the hole deeper or delay the inevitable, and chose to make this difficult decision as the best option.

    Isn’t there something we can do?

    Care for each other, share great memories, and pray for Tim and Adina, Tim and Patricia, and all the other leaders who have poured so much into this ministry over the years.

    What about Chief Tim and Chief Adina?

    While it was not our desire or intent for Tim and Adina to leave because of this decision, we understand that Tim and Adina sense a very strong calling to be a part of a ministry that offers overnight youth camping. So they will be with us as we close up the operations and finish well, while they seek God for their next assignment. We are excited to see where God will open doors for their next season of ministry.

    Will we have a chance to celebrate/reconnect/cry/share memories etc. together?

    Yes, there is so much to remember and celebrate from 69 years of amazing ministry! We are working to determine the best way to facilitate this for the Camp Sandy Cove community.

    What happens to the money that I donated to Camp Sandy Cove and/or Scholarships?

    Any not-yet-awarded funds will be directed to The Marsh (our day camp program that serves about 100 kids a day for 9 weeks each summer) and other youth specific ministries at Sandy Cove.

    Where will the money from the sale go?

    The sale of the West Virginia property will go towards supporting the existing Maryland property along with future plans for expansion of our mission, some of which will have an aspect of serving youth on a year round basis.

    How is it possible for you to be expanding the ministry in Maryland, while closing and selling Camp Sandy Cove?

    The plans for the future expansion of our ministry in Maryland were made independently of the decision to shut down camp. Consolidation of our resources and ministries on to one property will contribute to the long term viability of Sandy Cove Ministries.

    Who makes up “the board”?

    The Board of Sandy Cove Ministries is comprised of 14 volunteers who take seriously their roles to oversee the ministries. There are several of the board members whose lives have intersected with Camp Sandy Cove and our other camping endeavors throughout our history.